Humans can’t survive without water and air. Billions of years ago life on planet earth was much easier or we can imagine that it was, not because of anything but in the sense that there were no atmospheric ups and down. Years ago, breathing air was not polluted as it is now and the rate of pollutants in air and water are increasing at a dramatic rate. These toxins are the cause of greenhouse effect and the ozone layer is damaged too. Climate is changing drastically because of the imbalance of gases in the air. Temperature is dramatically getting high and low. The artic places will turn in to desert after few decades if people will not stop their sinful activities.Radon Mitigation

Health threats towards us

These pollutants are radioactive substances. In many areas rate of radioactive rays is increasing because of radioactive trash. The radiations of these elements are dangerous, not for an only human race but for all living organisms. These radioactive pollutants cause many types of diseases and disorders in living cells such as,

  • All types of cancers.
  • Thyroid nodular disease.
  • Parathyroid adenoma disease.
  • Posterior subcapsular cataracts.
  • Brain and central nervous system tumors.

Dealing with the problem

When there is the problem, there is always a solution. Scientists have come up with a solution to this problem a few years ago. radon Mitigation is the process of reducing radon concentration in breathing zones, schools and buildings.

Radon is a radioactive substance, also a toxin whose amount is increasing. Radon is a colorless, odorless gas and tasteless gas. It is formed by the decay of uranium under the soil. The quantity varies in different regions of the world. Radon gas can easily travel from soil into water and air.

As radon cannot be fully eliminated from the atmosphere so The World Health Organization International Radon Project has recommended an action level if the concentration level of radon is above 2.7 pCi/l in the air, resident must install a mitigation system. Radon mitigation from breathing zone consists of two steps,


The first and simple step of Radon abatement is to test the concentration of radon in atmosphere or breathing zone. Radon test kits are available in markets and can be used by homeowners and landlords (under some terms and conditions). The kit consists of a passive collector which is placed on the lowest livable floor of house for 2 to 7 days and then this collector is sent to laboratory.


After the result of radon test, if concentration of radon is higher than the bearable range then special ventilation mechanisms are installed in buildings and houses which regulate the flow of air and decrease the rate of radon. Water is also polluted by radon and there are few steps for purifying water supply too, but they are done by the government. After the installation of Radon Mitigation ventilation system do a radon test to check if the system is working well.

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